Day 3, Talk 2: Bible Study with open lives

What's the point of the detective collecting clues and analysing them if he doesn't arrest the culprit. The point of Bible study is to relate its lessons to our lives. Interpretation helped us explore the original message. The next step, Application, involves relating and applying that to our lives. Watch the video given below to understand how we can relate with the various characters of the Bible. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

The key questions to ask in application are:

How does the text relate to my life and the world around?

What can I do to practically live out the lesson?

Living out God's word is easier said than done, but praise be to God for providing us with a Helper, The Holy Spirit helps us by guiding, equipping and empowering us. The more we live out the Bible, the more God becomes real in our lives. We start to experience his presence first-hand through our feeble attempts to apply his word in our lives.

This is where God's word invades our being and transforms us inside out. So, let's start doing the word of God!

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